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All about us - is run by a group of travel enthusiast who enjoy traveling for pleasures and like to share their better experiences and knowledge with others. is a portal which provides DIY travel information, planning and booking services. 

We can suggest suitable destinations, sights, activities, routing and design a travel plan suitable for you and your group on your DIY trip.  Our plan can be as simple or as full featured as you require.


Our services


In general, it'll take us 24 to 72 hours to customize and book a week long trip in most cases.  However, it may take as long as a week for some remote locations or unusual activities. 

Please send us your travel enquiry and book your trip as early as possible.  Though we can cater for some rush service, please allow at least 3 working day in advance of your trip commencement to do our preparations for you. is a service that helps you save your valuable time and efforts in preparing or planning for a customised tour.  Though there are now many services which help a knowledgeable traveler to buy an airline ticket, book a rental car, or book a hotel room, but they all require plenty of valuable time and much effort.

There are many seasoned travelers who travel regularly but yet they may need to spend hours in planning and preparing for a vacation or holiday trip.  The amount of time spent can be hours and frequently days if it involves a group.  This is difficult and tiring works that take up much of your valuable time and concentration.  Instead of spending the precious time planning meticulously for your next trip, you can now let us do the works for you.  Also, as experts in the field, we can help you avoid the pitfalls or disappointments frequently associated with a DIY trip.

We'll charge you for a small but reasonable fee for our service.  This money is well spent and is not comparable to the costly amount of time and efforts you may exert in preparing your own trip.



You can contact us directly with your travel requirements and we can prepare a suitable plan for you or your group.

You can send us email at or call us on +852-xxxxxxxx.  Better yet, please fill out our simple enquiry form here as this will give us a rough idea of your requirements quickly.


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